Tips For Buyers

Do your homework first. Before you start looking at specific houses, determine your housing needs and wants. Think about the community/location in relation to your place of employment, schools/daycare, recreational facilities, shopping, and etc. Consider which interior features are important to you such a s floor plan, room sizes, and architectural elements. Also, examine what exterior features you are looking for including the architectural style, lot sizes, and amenities. After reviewing your objectives, share this information with your realtor and he/she will be able to help you find the right home.

Increase your negotiating position. In order to increase your position get pre-approved, not just pre-qualified by an established lender. A pre-approval puts you in a stronger position with sellers, especially in today’s market, when we are experiencing multiple bidding situations. Many sellers will only consider offers from pre-approved buyers, because they want to be sure that their buyer will get financing and that the transaction will got through. Likewise, I have seen sellers take an offer for less money simply because they know that you are committed and that the financing is a done deal.

Be ready to act when you find that dream home.  It’s human nature to want to make sure that you’ve seen every house in your price range.  After all, purchasing a home is a major investment.  But if you happen across that perfect house, one that you fall in love with immediately, don’t wait…make an offer. In the current marketplace, where house prices are rapidly appreciating, as they have been recently, time is working against you.  It’s sad to say, but I’ve seen others hold off making an offer on the house of their dreams, just because they’ve only just starting looking. By the time they are finally ready to buy, their dream house is under contract, or sometimes even out of their price range. It can and it does happen.