Escape the City

Hustle and BustleConstant noise, people pushing and shoving... there's only so much of that you can handle! If you are looking for a suburban solution to the city insanity come to Westfield, NJ.    

Westfield has a population of approximately 30,000 people. Westfield has a small town atmosphere, which people love! The town is known for the vibrant, and exciting downtown, and excellent schools. Many NYC commuters live in Westfield. Westfield offers them a place to shop, enjoy eateries of every sort, and just have fun. 

Westfield is picturesque, welcoming, and very safe and yet an easy commute to the city. 

Westfield is not just "a place to live." It's a destination!

Visit our Westfield community page to learn more about the area or call Faith at 908.347.3483. Search for homes in the local real estate market.

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